The right support, at the right time

Get the right answers and solve issues from anywhere and anytime you need it

How does it work?

Stuward’s web platform works by helping you identify your needs, find answers, and solve issues and problems as quickly as possible. Every step of the way, whatever your dementia care needs, we’re here for you.

1 – Register for Stuward

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The very first step to get you started is to register. Stuward can be accessed by any device, including mobile phones. Registration is free of charge. No need to worry about upfront payments or credit card details.

2 – Get matched with a mentor

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After registering, you’ll be matched with one of our dementia care experts, who will act as your mentor. They’ll be there to advise you and offer you step-by-step recommendations.

3 – Complete your assessments

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Your assessments are used by your mentor so they know a bit more about yourself and the person you’re caring for. Assessments measure things such as your stress levels and your knowledge about dementia.

4 – Start solving issues

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Together with your mentor, you’ll work to solve your issues and get specific answers to your questions. Schedule upfront sessions or ask questions anytime you want. All advice and recommendations are available to you at anytime. No need to write down anything or keep track of things. We’ll take care of everything.

Get started today for free. Got any questions about how Stuward works? Get in touch with us.