Our vision

A world where people caring for a person living with dementia are acknowledged for their contribution to a sustainable society and health system.

Our vision

A world where people caring for a person living with dementia are acknowledged for their contribution to a sustainable society and health system.

Committed to making a difference to millions

As we set out to make a difference in people’s lives, we came across a harsh reality. In the USA alone, there are about 16 million family caregivers supporting someone living with dementia.

As we talked with family caregivers, one thing became clear. They’re lacking the help and guidance on what to do to best support not only the person living with dementia, but also themselves. For us, that’s simply not good enough.

We believe there’s more we can do. Family caregivers offer their blood, sweat, and tears to support someone in a time of need. They hold together our health systems and our societies. All of this without getting the recognition they deserve. It’s time we give back to them.

Our team

Stuward is made up of people that are driven by the challenges and difficulties that dementia family caregivers experience. We bring together the very best expertise in digital knowledge and dementia care, allying it with strong determination and firm passion.

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Lee Greene
CEO, Co-Founder

Lee co-founded Stuward with the purpose of changing the lives of millions of family caregivers. With over 20 years of technology business experience, and former experience in creating successful solutions in healthcare, Lee brings a healthy dose of passion and knowledge to the table.

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Tiago Camacho
PhD, Head of Product and Co-Founder

Tiago is an expert in designing and creating digital products, always with the goal of improving people’s lives. Tiago has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and a strong experience as a researcher as well as an industry consultant for top brands.

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Celeste de Jager
PhD, Head of Cognitive Science

Celeste leads the design of the Stuward assessment and recommendation system. She holds a PhD and is a world expert on the fields of aging, cognitive impairment, dementia research, and neurocognitive disorders.

Pedro photo d9aaf617e64ed8b885e6eeba0c611ec6350603569fee6c1c7b9dc59d25db9dd1
Pedro Sousa
Head of Development

Pedro is responsible for continuously transforming ideas, coffee and sketches into what makes the Stuward platform a reality today. With more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of applications, Pedro works to make Stuward a essential tool to help families and friends.

Our Advisors

Stuward is fortunate to be advised by passionate individuals who are committed in making a difference to the world. Our advisors are world-class experts from fields such as dementia, finance, design, and entrepreneurship.

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Paola Ghillani
CEO, Paola Ghillani & Friends. Board Member, International Committee of the Red Cross
Ka photo 7e2200e308acef437608f5be8d003d8f801d534308f27557a7bad72b54691d39
Karen Borochowitz
Founder, DementiaSA
Ro photo 20ebcd711ff02ce9c9a1769bc978d8e552ecd2ef8f56d6079323f73230c6cc47
Rolf Kistler
AAL Research, iHomeLab, Luzern University
Be photo 3ced2303da8bc7e6352aa93560d88ed44bd88efb85d42634e2355285f4e8831a
Bernhard Roethlisberger
Chief Credit Officer, Valiant Bank
Ri photo cdae3d684e8ebb3552f5c636c9937b534e329335113facde61ab6906be277264
Ricardo Dias
Founder, RVDLifestyle

Our Trusted Partners

Stuward has partnerships with trustworthy, leading organisations in the field of dementia. Our partners share our vision of a brighter future for those caring for a person living with dementia. They are as committed as us in making that future a reality.

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