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As a dementia family caregiver, you’re not alone

Think of Stuward as someone who’s always there for you, adding to the help you get from medical professionals and care organisations. We offer personalised, 1-on-1 support to assist you in dealing with any dementia or dementia care issues you might be facing. Whether you’re worried about dementia symptoms or signs, want help in getting an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, or want to learn strategies for effective communication with a person living with dementia, we’ve got your back.

At the heart of what we do are our dementia care experts. By joining Stuward, you’ll get ongoing mentoring from these experts, who will work to educate, support, and guide you based on your needs. Using a simple chat interface and tools based on years of research, you’ll get step-by-step guidance, in a simple to use format that is accessible from anywhere and at anytime. Join us today, and be on your way to promote higher quality of life for the person living with dementia, as well as yourself as a family caregiver.

Why Stuward?

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We help caregivers be in control

With the kind of recommendations you’ll get, it’ll be easier for you to be in control at all times and be effective as a caregiver. We’ll help you be on top of things and keep track of changes over time.

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We offer caregivers flexibility

Caregiver are busy, so we make Stuward work on your own schedule. With our online platform, accessing quality support is just a click away. No travelling, no hassle, and no wasted time.

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We make it easy for caregivers

Stuward is simple and easy to use. We also ensure that all advice given to you comes from certified care experts, and that all information is always kept private and safe.

Expert advice you can trust

Meet some of our top dementia care experts. They’re professionals with years of experience in the fields of dementia and dementia care. All of them have a long and successful history in helping caregivers and those living with dementia have better quality of life in their lives.

How can Stuward help you?

Stuward is made for you as an individual caregiver. Everything we do is based on your own dementia care needs. This means that your mentor will first work with you to identify which areas you need help with. After that, they’ll adjust their recommendations to match your situation, including your level of knowledge about dementia, as well as the current condition of the person you’re caring for. You’ll get support across a wide broad range of areas, including:

Understanding dementia

Gives you an overview of what’s dementia, its stages, its different types (e.g. Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia) and what kind of conditions are usually associated with it.

Recognising early dementia signs

Helps you to be aware of potential signs of dementia, how to get a formal diagnosis of dementia, and assisting you in navigating services and resources.

Caring for yourself

Offers you support, guidance and counselling about your role as a caregiver. This includes advice on coping strategies in order to maintain your well being and finding balance

Speaking with a person living with dementia

Advice on how to communicate in order to be more easily understood by the person living with dementia.

Creating a supportive environment

Gives you insights on the need to put the person with dementia front and center. Helps you maintain lifestyle and activities and how to navigate changes together.

Understanding dementia-related behaviours

Helps in identifying and eliminating stress triggers, and how to diffuse events as well as prevent certain behaviours.

Financial and legal issues

Advice about legal frameworks, access to respite, and permanent residential aged care.

Maintaining Quality of Life

Advice on how to maintain the continuum of care and ensuring your needs and those of the person living with dementia are met. Dealing with loss and grief.

Health and medication

Offers general advice about the impact of medication, both for yourself as well as the person living with dementia.

What family caregivers are saying

See what other dementia family caregivers are saying about Stuward and how it has helped them.

Thank you for such a wonderful, insightful and helpful response. Everything you have said makes so much sense and you have hit the nail on the head regarding mum.

So far a fantastic experience with the mentor. Already I have more information than I ever received from the GP, aged care representatives, nurses and other caregivers.

Talking with the mentor was very helpful and well worthwhile. Discussed the whole situation with mum, dad, and the rest of the family. I can now see how dementia may have had impact on the whole situation. Thank you so much.

* Names have been changed to ensure the anonymity of our customers

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