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Technology to improve dementia care

Continuous family caregiver engagement for better dementia care outcomes

Technology to improve dementia care

Continuous family caregiver engagement for better dementia care outcomes

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Bridging the dementia care gap

Stuward is a dementia-focused, family caregiver-centric platform made for healthcare providers. Stuward enables healthcare providers to remotely engage with family caregivers, delivering continuous care to people with dementia in the home.

Stuward is centered around family caregivers, because we know the importance of giving them the right kind of support. Not only are family caregivers the main link between doctors and those living with dementia, they’re crucial in achieving better dementia care outcomes.

Through the unique combination of remote consultations, personalised coaching, and automated data collection, Stuward lays the groundwork for a better future for dementia care.

Consult from anywhere, anytime

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With Stuward, clinicians can provide around the clock telehealth consultations with family caregivers and patients. Make consultations more accessible, reduce costs, and increase your capacity with ease.

Empowered family caregivers

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Stuward supports out of the box care training that is delivered by coaches of your choice. Supplement medical support with personalised care coaching, contributing to better educated family caregivers and less unnecessary contacts with clinicians outside of working hours.

Better visibility between office visits

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Through our unique automated data collection methods, you’ll be better informed about potential issues and concerns that family caregivers face. Know what’s happening between visits, adjusting your recommendations, guidance and medication as needed.

Powerful tools for improved dementia care

We’ve put together a suite of tools to help healthcare providers deliver the very best in dementia care. Together, these tools are made to improve your business and deliver value-based care to family caregivers and the people living with dementia.

Telehomecare consultations

A simple to use telehomecare system makes it easy to schedule remote consultations in the home with family caregivers and patients.

Advanced communication

Combine video conferencing with chat-based communication. Ask questions, securely exchange clinical images, and arrange video sessions with ease.

Evidence-based assessments

Use configurable assessment plans to collect information about family caregivers and patients. These instruments give you power and precision to identify issues, changes and patterns.

Personalised care plans

Create your own care plan or choose a predefined one. Using goal-setting, Stuward makes it easy to keep track of progress and promote compliance.

Care team collaboration

Securely communicate and collaborate with nurses, social workers, care coaches and others on the care team. Keep everyone on the same page, making sure that care is up to standards.

Integrate into your workflow

Reduce the need to make changes to existing workflows. With built-in flexibility, Stuward is designed for hassle-free integration with existing systems and workflows.

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